Although, Maldives is the smallest Asian country in the world but it still offers loads of travel and tourism options to the tourists. Maldives comprises of inhabited and uninhabited islands which are encircled by alluring beaches and glimmering white sands. Every year, a large amount of travelers come here to spend cherished vacations amongst a wide choice of beach spots. Moreover, tourist finds limitless adventure and diving options everywhere in Maldives beaches. Some travelers can also get remarkable recreational and fun experiences in this Island.

Artificial Beach is the most wanted after beach destination in Maldives which is meant not only for adventure activities, it also conducts several live shows, carnivals and concerts. Apart from the charm of beaches, Maldives is globally noted for having other rewarding tourism experiences.


Have a look at key attractions of Maldives on Maldives Holidays as mentioned below:

Grand Friday Mosque

One of the biggest shrines, Grand Friday mosque is a must-see delight of this Island. Originally, it is known as Masjid-al-Sultan Mohammed Thakurufaanu-al-A “z” zam. Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar was built this mosque in the year of 1656. There is a huge hall which can occupy five thousand devotees together at any festival.

Mulee Aage Palace

Established in the year 1906, Mulee Aage Palace is the most important historical landmark in Maldives. This excellent architecture was marvelously laid out by Sultan Mohamed Shamsuddeen III.

One can witness this Palace in the front gate of Grand Friday mosque. It was once served as residence of president of Maldives.

Hukuru Miskiiy

While touring Maldives, don’t forget to view Hukuru Miskiiy, the ancient mosque of this Island. Established in the year 1956, this colonial building is elegantly carved with a coral stone minaret. Panels and ceilings of this Palace represent priceless traditional Maldives art and paintings.

Jumhoorie Maidan

Jumhoorie Maidan is the most alluring destination in this Island which is meant for social gathering, involving locals as well as tourists. Set up in the year 1989, this Maidan is also recognized as the republic square. It lies in the northern waterfront in Male. Bounded by green forests, Jumhoorie Maidan serves as one of the beautiful landscapes for organizing social functions or parties. Further, it offers many fun and recreational activities to the visitors.

Male Fish Market

Male fish market is the trendiest spot in Maldives. Being a commercial hub, it serves as the stocked place of dries fish, vegetables and fresh fruits. It is located in the west side of Independence Square amidst the city.

Well, holiday in Maldives offers you a grand opportunity to discover enchanting beauty of this Island.

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