Malawians Tuesday urged South African government to “do something” to end the xenophobic attacks in the country or risk boycott of South African businesses in Malawi.
XenophobiaThis was said in a petition hundreds of Malawians presented to South African High Commissioner to Malawi, Mbuyane Mokeane.
Two Malawians have died since the attacks erupted a few weeks ago and one Malawian is battling for life at a local hospital having been repatriated with a bullet in his stomach, according to Malawi government spokesperson, Kondwani Nankhumwa.
Led by civil society organizations, Malawians marched from Parliament Building to the South African High Commission offices, clad in black and singing anti xenophobia songs.
“We urge the government of South Africa to categorically condemn any individual or institution that encourages the wide spread use of xenophobic, aggressive and militarized rhetoric as a trend of blaming foreigners for social ills,” reads the petition.
The protesting Malawians appealed to South African government, police and civil society organizations to promote the rights of all people living in South Africa, inline with the country’s constitutional provisions and international legal obligations, and to address the root cause of xenophobia.
“We are concerned by the South African’s government’s very slow reaction to the rapidly spreading wave of xenophobic violence,” reads the petition further.
The Malawians also demanded compensation from South Africa to all Malawians who have been affected by the attacks.
The petition stressed that Malawians would shun all South African businesses operating in Malawi if the demands listed in the petition would not be adhered to within 48 hours.
“If these appeals and demands are not met within 48 hours, we shall have no choice but to call for a boycott of South African products and businesses in Malawi,” concludes the petition.
Some of South African businesses in Malawi include Shoprite, Game Stores, Pep, Standard Bank and South African Airways among others. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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