Stop killing journalists. Photo: UNESCO
Stop killing journalists. Photo: UNESCO

Malawi Minister of Information Communications and Technology, Nicholas Dausi, has apologized to the media fraternity in the country for the beating of a local photo journalist by suspected members of the ruling Democratic Progressed Party (DPP) at Parliament on Friday.

A local photo journalist, Douglas Banda, for Blantyre Newspapers Limited, was beaten in the Parliament Chamber on Friday when he was filming a scene while the President, Peter Mutharika, was delivering State of the Nation Address.

The act was widely condemned by the country’s civil society and media organizations who called for immediate arrest of the DPP supporters, and an apology from the ruling party on the matter.

A statement from the chairperson of the Media Institute for Southern Africa Malawi Chapter, Teresa Ndanga, criticized the ruling party for the “barbaric act” and demanded an apology from the ruling DPP.

The minister assured media practitioners in Malawi of their freedom and that they should not be discouraged by what happened at Parliament on Friday. Enditem


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