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Female Judge Sacked For Unacceptable Behaviour

Judges handling the election case in which Malawi opposition petitioned for the nullification of the May presidential election results have exposed bribery attempts by some quarters to have the case ruled in their favor.

According to the local media, the news broke out when one of the five judges handling the case was approached by some quarters with the bribery, and he reported it to the Chief Justice, Andrew Nyirenda, who in turn lodged a formal complaint to the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).


The ACB Executive Director, Ryneck Matemba, confirmed to the local media Sunday that he had indeed received the complaint from the Chief Justice on attempted bribery by some individuals but the ACB chief said it was too early to shed more light.

“I can confirm that the Anti-Corruption Bureau received written complaint from the Chief Justice on a matter related to the presidential election case that is pending judgment in the constitutional court,” the ACB chief was quoted by the local media.

“We cannot, however, disclose any further details of the complaint,” Matemba was further quoted, adding that “suffice it to say the ACB is pursuing this particular complaint as well as other written complaints that we also received from different sources and stakeholders.”

The ACB chief added that the complaints received were not against any political parties or any of the parties to the presidential election case but against specific individuals.

According to the local media, which quoted sources close to the case, a politician is said to have used renowned business man to channel some cash to the judges through another senior connection in the highest ranks within the judiciary system.

Upon getting the first lot, the connection in the judiciary is said to have gone back to the businessman, saying the judges were demanding more cash to bend the law.

The businessman is said to have bypassed the judiciary connection and directly met one of the five judges handling the presidential election case and told him that “their complaint had been heard and the cash will be topped up”.

According to the sources, the businessman’s sentiments surprised the judge who probed for more information and learned that an upfront payment had already been paid through a high ranking connection in the system for the five judges to share.

The judge reported this to the Chief Justice who in turn lodged a formal complaint to the ACB for investigations.

Meanwhile, law experts in the country have hailed the Chief Justice’s move in reporting the matter.

“What the Chief Justice has done is very commendable and it gives the public reasons to have confidence in the courts when it comes to fighting corruption,” said law expert at University of Malawi, Prof. Edge Kanyongolo.

The five judges handling the presidential election case are expected to deliver judgment by March in the case that ran from August 18 to December 20. Enditem


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