He has battled more than 20 MC?s on several shows called and kicked out each of the MC?s which is judged by the listening public. MAKVEL aka Brain Technology, after a long stay in the underground, no doubt that he has become one of hiplife household cultural stigma in recent times by dropping 2 of the hottest mixtape in Ghana right now, ?U Go Kill Me? remix and the new mixtape ?Bayla trap cover?, turning up in one of the most talk about Easter to Christmas festive events, from bilingual hood battles to Studio to inter and intra battle competition nationwide.

What makes his accomplishment truly amazing is that MAKVEL, at the heart of it all, still just the calm but discipline dude who will cut you with his sharp comic punchlines and appealing attitude that will keep your head banging. True school hiplife, afropop, hip hop fans and showbiz stakeholders know however, that MAKVEL amazing story really begins and ends with music.

Born Michael Kyei Dickson, a professional network engineer with alma mater of St Anthony?s Junior High School, Kumasi High School and NIIT was raised in Accra and Kumasi but like to represent Ghana.

The charismatic rapper has blown our minds with his style and delivery in his lyrical content. You could sense his adventurousness from his unique energetic attitudinal style. His goal is to let you enjoy what he is spitting out. Ironically, the approach to his first album is to set aside all the movement in the hiplife industry and free him of any pre-conceived notion as to what his song should sound like.?

The studios are where i feel most official? says MAKVEL. I realized you can?t worry about what you did last year or the troubles out there .I tell the ?Beat maker? let just do it. You have to get in to the mind frame where you?re not trying to out-do yourself and not trying to sound like someone else but

The studio is where i find my peace. He has worked with artistes like S.K Original,Bradez,X- Doe,Cabum and the list goes on and on. His album coming soon though has already had an unconcealed album before. Currently, on Natty B Records and dreams of being on one night show with Nas, Eminem, 50 Cent and Jay Z. Vision still in Progress, still Brain Technology.


MAKVEL Versatile musician who has mastered the art of rap, singing, showmanship, drums playing
and thereby dedicated to releasing quality music to inspire and promote joy and happiness in my
cherished listeners. He is thereby referred as the Most Doped rapper in Africa.

Band interests

Music mode, Brain Technology

Artist I also like

Tupac, Biggy smalls, jay z, Nas, Eminem, Ludacris, 50 Cent..


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