A combination of lies, determination to cheat, offering bribes to my compatriots with money stolen from them when they are not told the truth that the source of the money is the motherland?s kitty has been the recipe of a 2012 election.

It has been the election of one not sure whether the machine is lying because it is operated by the human liar. Machine was made for humankind and not humankind for machine. That is what the wise indigene of Down Under Australia contended.

Machine should, therefore, not be able to subject a human being to stand in scorching sun for hours on end and eventually deny her or him of the right to exercise a franchise ascribed by being a child of the motherland. That is, unless that machine is allowed by the wicked human operating it to inflict that punishment.

That is us, though. The mediocrity mentality of ?yE mfa no saa ara? (let?s accept the results for peace sake) has been inculcated into us. No one is prepared to question the ?like that.? No one dares ask like what. And no one seems to recognize it is that mentality that has condemned us to crawling in any efforts we are making towards development or that good life which has been attained by others unafraid to take risks.

That is the big difference between Kwame Nkrumah and the feeble minded charlatan congress attempting usurpers who are unable to fathom the golden son of the motherland?s great thoughts, plans and actions. 

Voting rights are individualized not aggregated so each polling station counts. You do not argue one has to learn to crawl before walking and take a leap into extending 230 constituencies into 275 with a new untried biometric system and hope to achieve excellence.

I don?t want to say it is our nature to be mediocre because it won?t take us far. However, it seems quite clear that we never seem to want to aspire to excellence. We are always comparing our situation with the worst. We don?t seem to be interested in striving to achieve the best.

No wonder an aspiration to a better Ghana has left us with a bitter worse Ghana. Had we aimed for Ghana the best we would at least be better now.

Anyone conversant with a backdrop of disastrous 2010 local level elections would be mindful of the fact that machine no lie may be so until it is manipulated by the hands of a lying and evil human hand.

As for my compatriots being discerning, I will seriously contest that. When I look at the results of the election as they have been released to date, I feel like asking a sociologist colleague to test a hypothesis that results of a polling station reflects the ethnic composition of registered voters in that locality.

To me, that is the level of our so-called discernment; that is how discerning we are as many people struggling to be one people of one motherland. Let me vote for one of my kind is no positive discernment. It is discernment that has been from the beginning and needs to transform in this age of technology. He is my kind against my child?s free education is not progressive discernment.

I am sure, before long, those whose development depends on our underdevelopment to develop themselves will start singing our praises for sheepishly ceding m?m?ne (stinking fish) ballot boxes in protective custody of akura (mouse which feeds on the stinking fish) NDC overnight.

The congresspeople were already looking for means to stuff ballot boxes. What great wisdom in leaving those boxes in their care!

For those unfamiliar with protective custody, it is what replaced Kwame Nkrumah?s much dreaded and criticized PDA (Preventive Detention Act).

The PDA operated by the state arbitrarily imprisoning people adjudged to be sabotaging national development. Protective custody meant throwing people into prison to protect them from being attacked by others.

So whether an enemy of state or an enemy of individuals a PDA or protective custody victim was still incarcerated without any form of trial for as long as whoever exercised the power of state liked.

The most transparent thing was to have counted the votes and repeated the counting the next morning before voting started. Copies of the recorded results could have been given to the media. Neither of that happened.

In fact, the counting should have begun by the EC official in charge of the counting holding out the machine and reading the number of votes recorded aloud at all counts. For as long as we tolerate no go areas, this will never happen; particularly in the case of the no go areas. They are no areas of election technology for progress.

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh


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