For people who have recently been involved in a car accident and are currently suffering from neck and back injuries, they may be eligible for whiplash claims. Typically a result of a car accident, a whiplash injury is caused by a sudden jolt to a person’s head or body, which inflicts damage to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the neck area. In a lot of cases, victims who suffer from whiplash injuries are misinformed about the seriousness and long-term consequences of the injuries. As a result, whiplash claims are often overlooked and under-compensated. However, the truth is that, like other car accident claims, whiplash claims are just as important, and the victims should receive 100% of the compensation that they are legally entitled to.

Who is eligible to make a claim?

Victims of car accidents who experience neck pains after the incidents are eligible for compensation.

Why should the victims make a claim?

Although some neck injuries may begin with a stiffness or soreness, chances are that they might develop into long-term health problems and constant discomfort.

Victims of car accidents may end up having to wear a support collar and take pain medicine. Additionally, whiplash can also affect the victims’ sleep, work, and social relationships. Just as any car accident claim, making a whiplash claim is an important decision to make the victims’ lives easier in the future.

How can the victims make a whiplash claim?

There are two ways to make a whiplash injury claim: against the insurance company or through the advice of a solicitor.

If the victim agrees to an insurance settlement, as opposed to going to court, then the victim has to enter into a settlement agreement with the insurance company. If the victim’s claim is approved, the victim may be paid in instalments by his or her insurance company. On the other hand, if the victim seeks the advice of a solicitor, then he or she can be entitled to compensation categorised as general and special damages.

The compensation claim includes the overall amount paid for the physical pain and suffering, emotional pain, and certain special losses because of the accident. When suffering from a whiplash neck injury, the easiest way to proper compensation is to seek a consultation with a personal injury solicitor immediately. The process is simple and anyone can know his or her rights and make injury claims online.

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