A wedding car hire is certainly as important as the bridesmaids. Do not even let the thought of saving money enter your mind. You are getting married not going into a nunnery. You have to do a luxury car hire for your wedding. Remember you will be the focus of attention. This is your personal history being made. There will be photographs and videos. You are going to live happily ever after. What will your children think if you arrive in your old family sedan?

This is the time to be a princess. You can make an online survey of all the luxury cars available for weddings in your city. Take a stretch limousine if you are going to be riding with your bridesmaids to church. Make a decision which you will not regret ten years later. Some people decide on motorcycle pulled fairy cabs for a ride to the wedding ceremony; it might look cute but it will make you squirm a few years later.

It is always wise to go with the current fashion. Once when people lived in villages and small towns everyone just walked to church. Today Luxury car hire is a big part of wedding planning. Your selection will make a big statement about who you are.

If you are flamboyant and like to attract extraordinary attentions then you can even arrive in a stagecoach driven by six white horses to the accompaniment of ‘she’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes.’ If you are not that much of an extrovert but really want to make a modern statement then a big white shining SUV will be the right choice. It is all planning. You can decide to arrive in the SUV and then to depart with the groom for your honeymoon in this spectacular wedding car hire choice. If you love the noisy tin cans tied to the back bumper and a big sticker of ‘Just Married’ then so be it. Someone will have to tie the cans and stick the poster while you are getting married inside the church. There are many choices available in the category of wedding cars. You can hire a vintage car to give that ‘olde world’ charm to your marriage.

You can arrive like royalty in a horse drawn buggy. You can make a selection depending on your party theme for the wedding day. Decorating the wedding car is also a specialist’s job. Search the net and find out the right decorators. As with everything else in life, your selection will depend on your budget. If you can afford it you can provide transportation for your friends and relatives along with the wedding car. That will make an impressive entourage. If you are more practical than romantic then go for a mini bus. In all cases remember that you are the central figure. Your wedding dress should not be crushed in a small car; your hair-do should not be blown away in an open carriage. In the end the right decision is a wise mixture of practicality and romance.

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