The truth is, Zuckerberg is not really selling any tangible gold or magic to be making such huge cash, except that, he is selling our presence on his platform and our activities including status posts and comments.

wpid-facebook-765361280-640x360.pngFacebook is a social networking platform, but it’s more than just that to the founder and many other people including myself.

For the past few years, I have been making MONEY from almost everything I post on Facebook and each month, I can say I do not make less than 1200 dollars from being on Facebook.

So instead of just being on Facebook, spending time and helping Mark make billions from your back, you can also dig into the money pot and make some small thousand dollars or 500 dollars.

Now, if you are asking how I am making about 1200 dollars each month from being on Facebook and how many others are making huge cash from here, let me explain it to you—-and perhaps, you would be smart enough to want to also make money while networking or catching fun on here…

I read a lot of interesting messages or status updates and posts on Facebook from a bunch of friends who do not really know the worth of their thoughts—and who have probably not considered being paid for the value they add to the web.

The web is a big business which flourishes on content: so instead of helping build the web with great contents for free, why don’t you get paid for every contribution you make?

I have countless friends who make over 2,000 dollars each month online—and that’s not their main job, it’s just something they do for fun. Something they would have done regardless of the money.

The truth is, many of us are spending a lot of time online without considering getting paid for this time.

Let me tell you about how easily one of my many online friends in USA is making enough money to cover her car note and rent each month—by just sharing her thoughts on whatever is of interest to her at any point in time.

Until 6 months ago, this my friend would write interesting pieces on facebook—sometimes she would give out free relationship advice on her facebook page or comment on a trending issue.

And most of her posts on facebook would get over 60 likes. People were reading whatever she wrote and they enjoyed it—some would even comment.

So I told her I will set up a simple blog for her, where she will write whatever she wants and then share it on Facebook, Twitter and the various social media platforms with her friends. That way, she could place some few advertisements on this new blog and just keep writing regularly as she does on facebook.

Even I could set it up for her so that anything she posts on her blog, would automatically show up on her facebook.

She will get paid any time someone (one of her many facebook friends or a total stranger) visits her blog to read her thoughts.


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