The National Scout and Guide Fellowship– Ghana on Friday urged political parties to engage in activities geared towards responding to threat of climate change.

The Fellowship, which is a member of the International Scout and Guide Fellowship, said there was the need for political parties to include in their manifestoes, how they intended to address the issue of climate change at the national level.

Mr Prosper Bani, the President of the Fellowship, made the call when he addressed the members and the media at the commemoration of the 66th Founder’s Day anniversary of the International Scouts and Guides Fellowship.

Mr Bani urged government and non-governmental organisation to also include an integrated way of climate change management in their development and social programmes; increase advocacy in churches, schools and social gatherings.

“As a generation, we shall be committing a serious crime if we do not act today and change our attitude towards the environment,” he said.

He added that, there was the need for the citizenry to change their attitudes of denial to accepting the reality.

He said the National Scouts and Guides Fellowship was committed to working with any institution or organisation to contribute to programmes aimed at advocacy and voluntary activities to curbing the threats of climate change at the community level.

Mr Bani urged young people to be prepared and passionate as they acquire knowledge about the world and their communities, adding that: “We must work to achieve Zero Emissions, Zero Excuses, and Zero Time to Waste”.

Dr Mettle Nunoo, the Deputy Chief of Fellow to the President of Ghana, said the Fellowship had in the past collaborated with the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) to train volunteers in disaster management in some affected communities.

He said scouting and guiding was for life and that it was initially intended by Baiden Powell to be a movement for boys but in the wisdom of time realized that it had to involve girls and the need to get adults involved.

The National Scout and Guide Fellowship was established on July 1, 2003 and is a voluntary organisation that supports the efforts to make differences in communities by providing voluntary service to support the sick, and respond to emergencies.


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