Alban Bagbin
Alban Bagbin

Your Excellency the president of the republic of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, Vice President, Kwesi Amissah Arthur and the entire leadership of our great party, NDC, the KNUST branch of TEIN-UPPER WEST, a students? wing of the National Democratic Congress in the upper west region have observed precisely with admiration, the unyielding and the unflinching desire of your Excellency the president of the republic of Ghana, in continuing the better Ghana agenda pioneered by your mentor, master and predecessor, the late President Mills.


There is no iota or scintilla of doubts that this government, in your decisive and committed leadership, remains resolute in putting people first in its quest of bettering and strengthening all facets of our young but thriving democracy, of which inclusive governance remains dear to your heart, as noted in your just-a-year old inaugural speech.


However, the leadership of the KNUST branch of TEIN-UPPER WEST, and the warm people of the upper west region at large, recognize with you, the difficult times that we are in as a nation, in terms of institutional weaknesses and system failures, culminating from inactions on the part of successive governments, which currently require bold and tough but beneficial political and administrative decisions of institutional and systemic restructuring and strengthening, in living the people centered Better Ghana Dream of a formidable and a resilient economy.


Our outfit also duly appreciates the forthrightness and the unflinching zeal of your Excellency, the president and your team of hardworking appointees in taking such Better Ghana oriented tough but beneficial political and administrative decisions, against all odds, in your quest to bringing a sustainable change in the fortunes of this country, and in living the Ghanaian dream of a developed nation.

Mr. President, you would agree with us that building the better Ghana that the NDC government promised the good people of Ghana, requires tried and tested competences and vast experiences, in key portfolios, from matured men of the people. It is imperative to note that the tenet of democracy requires that people listen to a man of their choice, of their representation and of their trust.


The candidature and personality of Hon. Alban Bagbin is, indisputably, one of a widely admired and highly revered persona in the Ghanaian political landscape. His opinions and decisions enjoy the utmost confidence and the uncommon respect of both young and old, across the political divide. This, we believe, will make it easier for you and your team of hardworking leadership to implement certain tough but beneficial decisions, in living the Ghanaian dream of a Better Ghana, if this rear but resourceful political persona of Bagbin, is put to efficient use.


It is crystal clear and evident, from past and recent developments that Hon. Alban Bagbin has the willful impetus of bringing about a paradigm shift in the fortunes of the NDC government, in restoring hope to the thoughtful, hopeful and patriotic people of Ghana. He has demonstrated in every capacity that he is capable of helping implement the Better Ghana Agenda in any active ministerial portfolio.


Somewhere in 2011, before the appointment of Hon. Alban Bagbin as a substantive minister in charge of Water Works and Housing in the Mills administration, this country witnessed incessant water and housing crisis. When he was made the minister, the situation was, considerably, brought under control.


The health ministry was also besieged by needless but endless strike actions, greatly, due to poor management of personnel grievances. However, when Hon. Alban Bagbin was taken to that ministry, he again brought the situation, considerably, under control. Sometimes it is simply the persona and not the person.


Your Excellency the President, the KNUST branch of TEIN-UPPER WEST as an intellectual wing and informed voice of the party at the grass root in the upper west region, believes that Hon. Alban Bagbin is being underutilized at his current without-portfolio appointment as one of ?the three wise men? and would wish that he is given an active and substantive ministerial position for the betterment of mother Ghana. This, we belief, would also go a long way to foster unity, and consolidate the gains of your Excellency, as a listening and inclusive government.


Mr. President, the Upper West Region remains proud of you for the few that are appointed from the region but we still hope for more.


Signed by:

Vitus Badii Sambo


MOBILE: 0543504817

And, Dabaga James

(Acting P.R.O)

MOBILE: 0265817927


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