Three out four Beninese nationals are opposed to proposed amendment of the country’s Constitution, a survey conducted by Afrobarometer, whose results were released on Thursday, has shown. Benin
“According to Beninese nationals supporting the amendment, the review should not touch on presidential terms and age, but it should strengthen parliament’s role to check the executive,” the survey showed.
Since the introduction of the Constitutional Amendment Bill in parliament in November 2009, the government has been engaged in heated debates with the opposition and civil society groups over the necessity of amending Benin’s Constitution.
At the same time, 91 percent of Beninese nationals who were interviewed rejected the idea of Benin being ruled by a strong man, while 78 percent said they prefer a stronger democracy.
The number of Beninese nationals who said they were satisfied with the country’s current state of democracy dropped by half when compared to the 2008 figure.
In 2008, 53 percent of those interviewed expressed satisfaction with the country’s state of democracy, but this year, the figure dropped to 27 percent.
Afrobarometer is an African-led, non-partisan survey research project that measures citizen attitudes on democracy and governance, the economy, civil society and other topics in 35 African countries. Enditem



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