Majid Michel show his iWatch

Award-winning Ghanaian actor Majid Michel is not the type person who likes to show his wealth, but he was recently caught on camera showing off his iWatch, a rare item which reports say cost ‘ an arm and a leg ‘

The clock is recorded as one of the first coolest watches in the world and Majid with an almost could pass as the only Ghanaian actor.

IWatch was purposefully designed for multi-tasking exploits; It can therefore be used to surf the Web, play music, listen to radio, organize, take photos and video.

It is functionally similar to the iPod and iPhone and also boasts of a ‘ multi-touch ‘ screen, allows for more than one finger to be used simultaneously on the screen.

IWatch, the latest addition to the iPod family, prides itself on a clock face, which appears with a flick of a button, but still allows users to view images and track movements and much more.

Majid allegedly showed off the watch at a program organised actress Juliet Ibrahim some months ago when news-ONE cameras caught him.

He touched occasionally iWatch to view calendar, play music and show other features, which attracted the attention of media around.

He refused, however, to comment on the amount of money in to get the iWatch.

Majid is reportedly not in the city. He currently chilling in the United State of America.

In December 2011, he won best Ghanaian actor in the lead role for the second time Ghana Movie Awards. He has in excess of 100 Ghana and Nigeria interesting films and is described as one of the few best male players on the African continent.

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