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The Electoral Commission (EC) has been urged to ensure that its credibility remains intact in the eyes of Ghanaians.

“The integrity of the EC in Ghana’s political scenario is very important. We do not want that integrity to get damaged in any way,” Dr Emanuel Akwetey, the Executive Director of Institute of Democratic Governance, has said.

Speaking in Accra on Thursday during a media briefing on the EC’s claims that there are allegations of over-voting in some polling stations.

“If the allegations could be handled in a way that does not halt the release of the results as well as the final result declaration, that would do a lot of good to our democracy,” he said.

Dr Akwetey said it was very important that the EC strived to be clear and transparent in its explanations in order not to create unnecessary tension in the country.

“We think this situation should not be left to unfold in a manner that has the potential to mar an election that began in a very peaceful and promising manner,” he said.

Dr Akwetey said there was a problem with clarity and that whatever information the EC had must be shared in order to build trust and confidence in the electorate and the rest of the citizenry.

The EC says following reports of over-voting it has received concerning some polling stations it is unable to release and declare the complete results of the elections.

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