The minister for chieftaincy and culture Hon. Alexander Asum-Ahensah urged all to maintain peace and unity in the upcoming general elections through the church.

He said this at the closing ceremony of the Second National Council Meeting (Congress) of Council of Christian Charismatic Churches-Ghana held in Kumasi.

He continued to say that ?As a nation we have come very far in development effort towards building a vibrant and prosperous nation over the years and therefore there is the need to maintain the peace and unity we have been enjoying.?

He went on to say that ?the president of the nation has been preaching the peace message and would continue to do so before, during and after the upcoming 2012 General Elections and as a people we should emulate the message of the father?.

The Newly elected president of the Council of Christian Charismatic churches-Ghana (C.C.C.C.G) Bishop Emmanuel Ellison in his acceptance speach also drummed home the message of peace that, ?it is very easy to be a Ghanaian but it is much more difficult to explain the responsibilities of being a Ghanaian. He also told the members of the Council of Christian Charismatic Churches- Ghana that ?one of our greatest responsibilities is to unite and live in peace, let us avoid conflicts, confrontations and hostilities as we approach the 2012 general elections?.

He lamented on the fact that ?God likes variety, he likes diversity. How come God created man in various colors, races and languages??

In an interview the newly elected national organizer Apostle Dr. Pasty Freddy urged people with divergent views and culture must learn to co-exist in peace and love.

Apostle Freddy told the public that the Council of Christian Charismatic Churches-Ghana will do all it can in its part to help promote peace before, during and after the upcoming 2012 General Elections.

The newly elected executives of the Council of Christian charismatic churches, Ghana (C.C.C.C.G) were also sworn into office and they will stay in their administrative position for a mandatory four year term.


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