The Chairman of the Constitution Review Commission (CRC), Professor Albert Kodzo Fiadjoe, has revealed that all former Presidents who spoke to the CRC accepted that the Indemnity Clause in the 1992 Constitution be maintained.

According to Professor Fiadjoe, any attempt to expunge the Indemnity Clause from the Constitution will mean that all governments from 1966 have operated illegally.

Professor Fiadjoe was speaking at a two-day southern sector engagement with the media on the report of the Commission and the government White Paper issued on the report.

He said ?if these provisions are removed then it means that all governments since 1966 are automatically illegal and if they are illegal then the present administration too is illegal.
?If you say we should remove this, what you?re also saying is that the national reconciliation exercise to which the country devoted a lot of attention and manpower is useless.?

?So the question is, of what use is it to the nation to remove this now and cause convulsion to declare all our work illegal?? Prof. Fiadjoe added.


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