MainOne transforms Ghana Internet service


MainOne Cable Company, a provider of broadband Internet services, has hosted some of its customers and other enterprises in Ghana to an appreciation forum. Country Manager for MainOne, Mr Joseph Odoi, said the forum was an avenue to express appreciation to MainOne customers who have been instrumental in the quest to deepen broadband penetration in Ghana.

According to him, Internet penetration in the country had increased five per cent from 5.2 per cent in 2010 to about 10 per cent in 2011.

“This has been largely due to the efforts of our partners who have contributed immensely to the growth of MainOne in our almost two years of operation. No matter how innovative a company might be or how affordable its products and services are, without the pivotal support and cooperation of customers, the survival of such company would be threatened,” he said.

Managing Director of Zipnet Broadband Wireless Services, who is also President of the Ghana Internet Services Providers Association, Mr Ernest Brown, said:

“MainOne is doing a good job in terms of costumer connectivity. With our last providers, we constantly had to chase them before we could discuss technical issues that affected us. With MainOne, they are the ones doing the chasing, and they ensure that they engage us at least once every month, and address our challenges.

Managing Director of BusyInternet, Mr Praveen Sadalage, pointed out that prior to connection to MainOne Cable, the company experienced challenges bordering on quality, pricing and frequent outage. He said MainOne’s entry heralded a revolution in Internet penetration in Ghana.  This, according to him, changed the entire dynamics of the ICT industry.

Source : TheNation


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