Mahogany Consult, a Public Relations, Event Management and Human Development Consultancy Company, has said it intends to expand its operations across Africa within the next five years.

“We want to be everywhere in Africa. Our vision is to spread our wings like the mahogany tree. It is very important to us.

“We want to have Mahogany Consult in West Africa, East Africa, and North Africa and beyond,” Mrs Baaba Cofie, the Senior Consultant for Mahogany Consult, said.

Speaking in an interview with a cross-section of the media in Accra as part of activities to celebrate the company’s fifth anniversary, Mrs Cofie said the company would leverage on its partnership with Public Relations Organisation International (PROI) to achieve its growth ambitions.

She said the company had enhanced its capacity in the last five years to become a major player in the industry, adding that the next five years would be a defining period for the organisation to become a household
name in the field.

“We want to do that in five years’ time. We want to be the agency that is known for its strong research base. We have a strong academic background and as an agency we are interested in not just churning
out academic materials but we are also interested in training the next generation of academics and practitioners,” she said.

Mahogany Consult started with two partners with a common goal to businesses across a broad range of industry sectors,
communication strategies and support.

On challenges of the company over the last five years, Mrs Cofie said the partners had to learn how to steer and manage the business the hard way.

“When we started Mahogany Consult, we were PR people and not business people so we had to learn the way of doing business in Ghana the hard way. The good thing was that we had a number of international jobs at
the beginning which made us more comfortable and happy,” she said, adding that overtime, the company realised that in building a business, one needed to invest back into it.

There was also the challenge of understanding the tax system in Ghana and we had to get some dedicated professionals to help the company.

She said the young company also had to contend with getting the right people to work with at the early stage but with time the company could now boast of very resourceful staff.

Mrs Cofie said the company’s biggest accomplishment was its partnership with the PROI in 2012 which opened the opportunity for it to expand its horizon.

She said the company would soon be launching a number of initiatives in line with its objective of building and training a solid human resource with the requisite skills and experience in the PR industry.

She thanked the workers and clients for their support and expressed the hope that with the partnership with PROI the company would go places.

Two young professionals; Baaba Cofie and Esi Essuman Johnson, founded Mahogany Consult on February 10, 2012.

Source: GNA


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