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President John Dramani Mahama, over the weekend, urged Ghanaians to do away with cynicism and instead have belief and faith in the ability of the country to achieve massive socio-economic development.

President Mahama made the call at the dedication of the Lord?s Temple of the Revival Restoration Centre (RCC) of the Assemblies of God Church at Roman Ridge in Accra on Saturday.

Again, he asked Ghanaians to contribute their quota to the growth of the country, since the development effort was a shared responsibility; reminding Ghanaians that all the developed countries and strong economies, such as Japan and China rode on the faith and contribution of their people.

But Member of Parliament for the people of Obuasi East Constituency, Hon. Edward Ennin has rebuffed the president?s submission, asking him (Mahama) to rather do away with ?job for the boys? in his government and employ competent officials who will not waste time speaking in the media unnecessarily. He stressed that Ghanaians have lost hope in President Mahama because he has failed to honor any of his electoral promises.

??.the promises were too many and after he has raised the hope of Ghanaians and yet can show nothing for it at the end of the year, he is asking us not to be cynical?nobody can force people to talk when they have not seen any sign of hope in their lives?, he asserted.

The Obuasi East MP further stated on Hot Fm that President Mahama?s inability to fight corruption under his watch and his denial of its (corruption) existence in his government, even when Ghanaians can clearly see his appointees enriching themselves at the expense of the state, is what has led to the expression of pent-up feelings of anger.

??..this time, we don?t need anybody to tell us that it shall be well or there is hope; we can feel and see it ourselves?.if you have ears and eyes to see what is happening in the country, where is the hope coming from? He should do something which will compel Ghanaians to assist because he has discouraged them to believe in any hope since he has failed to collect those monies the Supreme Court has ordered him to go for.

???President Mahama should give us a break; I am fed up with this government. They better go for their competent members who can do the work and stop engaging the service of ?job for the boys? in their party who always speak as if they are in opposition?..the country is sinking and instead of them to sit up and think of the way forward, they have resorted to insults?, he Hon Edward Ennin posited.

Source: Peacefmonline


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