Kobby Acheampong

Kobby Acheampong

Presidenct John Mahama has removed important heads of public institutions and departments in a shocking reshuffle move that has caught most of the affected heads by surprise, the Republic Newspaper can report.

A leaked list from the Presidency on Wednesday shows the heads of six major government agencies in the country affected by the reshuffling, including Kobby Acheampong of the Youth Enterprise Authority (YEA, formerly GYEEDA); Slyvester Mensah of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA); Laud Senanu of the National Pensions Authority; Dr. Josiah Cobbah of the National Identification Authority (NIA); Paarock Van Percys of the National Communications Authority (NCA) and Kofi Atto of  the Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications (GIFEC), have all been either removed or reassigned to different roles.

President Mahama, who has the sole prerogative to order the removal or reassignment of these heads of agencies, did not give any reason for his latest decision.  This has further fuelled speculations that the reshuffle was meant to get rid of certain individuals whose stewardship has created unbearable controversies for the government.

For instance, Dr. Cobbah of the NIA was recently in the middle of an intense controversy of huge sums of money that went to waste in the national identification exercise conducted by his department. After spending millions of Dollars from the World Bank and other financing sources for citizens? ID cards over several years, not a single ID card has been issued to applicants, yet the NIA further went seeking an additional loan of US$ 115 million for the same exercise again.

Also, Sylvester Mensah, whom the public initially though resigned his position at the top of NHIA, has clarified his situation by saying he was indeed relieved of his position by the Presidency. Sylvester Mensah had had a turbulent six years at the helm of the NHIA where the countries health insurance scheme had hit serious challenges threatening to collapse it.

The fates of these two heads, together with Laud Senanu and  Kofi Attoh are currently unknown since there was no indication from the government?s communiqu? that they had been reassigned to different positions. However, the others had either been given new roles or, in the case of Paarock Van Percys of the (NCA), he had completed his term.

A deputy Chief Executive of NHIA, Nathaniel Otoo has been appointed to replace Sylvester Mensah as head of the institution, while one Kwame Griffiths has taken over from Dr. Cobbah as the new head of the NIA. At the NCA, Paarock Van Percy would be handing over to William Tevie taking

Meanwhile, Kobby Acheampong has replaced Kofi Attoh who has also been removed from GIFEC. Alternatively, Vincent Kuagbenu, the former head of the National Service Secretariat had been assigned as the new head of YEA.

The Republic newspaper has gathered the remaining heads of government agencies have been panic-stricken as they fear they would be the next target of President Mahama?s reshuffling plans.

In a Memo issued to staff of the NHIA prior to his leaving, Sylvester Mensah wrote: ?I will have fond memories of our collective passion to succeed, the occasional harsh decisions in our collective interests, the affections and comradeship we have shared, the principled loyalty and esprit de corps inherent in our working relations, as I leave office in the next few days?, Mr. Mensah told the workers.

?It is my conviction that you would accord my successor who has no less capacity and enthusiasm, the same support and co-operation and even more?, he added.

Source: The Republic


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