The Team of Popular Youth (TOPY) has called on the President and the NDC party hierarchy to take a second look at footsoldiers who forcefully and violently register their concerns.

wpid-john-mahama.jpegIt said, although TOPY as a youth group believes in the youth and works in the interest of the Youth, it is also concern with activities of some youth who register their protest violently.

?Violence has never solved any problem anywhere and such lawlessness is a situation contrary to the ideals of TOPY. The Team of Popular Youth (TOPY) stands for truth, civility and unityand therefore we strive very hard to maintain the code of ethics.

TOPY therefore, entreat all the foot soldiers in the NDC across the length and breadth of the country to be civil in every action or demonstration they undertake.

It also noted that registering of concerns in a violent manner does not depict the party in which they belong to as a democratic party but rather deteriorate the peace and unity within the ranks, and that the NDC has come a long way from weaning itself from the perceive violence that the party was tagged with through the elevation of moderates in the party.

?It is therefore very vital that we consolidate the effort that has now endeared the NDC to many Ghanaians with the NDC being synonymous with Peace. Article 58 of the 1992 constitution stipulates that ?The executive authority of Ghana shall vest in the President and shall be exercised in accordance with the provisions of this constitution.?

?An appointment of Ministers and Deputy Ministers is the prerogative of the President. It is okay to lobby for someone but its way not okay to do it violently. We therefore wish to register our disgust at the behavior of foot soldiers challenging the inclusion or exclusion of ministerial nominees,? it said.

Their concern was contained in a press statement issued. According to TOPY, as by the constitution the President is carrying out a constitutional mandate and those going on rampage must know that they are may be breaking the Public Order Act.

?TOPY will encourage the President and the party hierarchy to discourage such behavior in our constituency. They should let the foot soldiers understand that, they feel for them and they share their sentiments and so they should rather sort to the proper way of petitioning the right authority rather than resorting to destruction that end up destroying State or Party asset. We finally entreat the President to be continuously bold and steadfast in his decisions as we already know him to be.?

?It said, ?He should resist any outside pressure as this would embolden other members of the party that the Presidency would yield under intense Pressure.?




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