Dr John Magufuli

Dr John Magufuli

Speaking to Bwanga residents who blocked his motorcade when heading to Geita on Wednesday, Dr Magufuli noted that if voted into office, he will ensure that ?this heinous act is fought right, left and centre??.

He said that his government will respect human rights while all Tanzanians will be treated equally, regardless of their social status and political affiliations. ?If I win, I will be your president and I will work for every Tanzanian.

I won?t care whether you are UKAWA, ACT or CCM; whether you are a Muslim, Christian or pagan. You will all be mine and I will ensure you are all protected and respected,? he pledged.

The Lake Zone regions of Geita, Mwanza, Shinyanga and Simiyu are more notorious, being leading areas in such acts of kidnapping, chopping off body parts and killing people with albinism.

The heinous act is linked to warped superstitious belief among some people that body parts of people living with albinism could generate wealth. The claim has, however, been vehemently opposed by clerics, government and political party leaders, activists and ordinary people across the country.

Dr Magufuli said such barbaric killings that tarnish the country?s image would not be tolerated if he wins the elections. ?I am going to ensure this inhuman act is ended once and for all, all people must live freely, I assure you that I will fight this heinous act to the end,? he said, calling on lake zone regions residents to join forces and ensure that elderly and albinos are protected.

The candidate noted that it was unthinkable seeing that while people were living happily others are worried about their lives, insisting that all people in Tanzania were equally important.

He insisted that as he is going to build a peaceful and united Tanzania, he will make sure that everyone in the country respects human rights and obeys the law. The 20-year experienced minister pointed out that preaching peace, unity and love will remain his key agendas, insisting that development plans can only be attained in a peaceful environment.

Clarifying on the importance of keeping peace, the candidate referred to the neighbouring countries of Rwanda and Burundi whose residents lived in fear to the extent of crossing over to Tanzania due to internal turmoil in their countries. ?We are widely known to be a haven of peace? these small things like albino killings are starting to tarnish our long-built image.

I am not ready to see this happening under my leadership,? he vowed. Dr Magufuli also called on Tanzanians to ensure that political campaigns do not divide them, insisting that elections are periodic and should not be allowed to create hatred amongst them.

Addressing thousands of Geita residents, the ruling party flag bearer reiterated that voters should also be very careful with candidates who make remarks meant to breach peace and divide them.

He said that former leaders since independence have done a lot in protecting and uniting Tanzania, which has over 120 tribes, insisting that he will also ensure he follows their footsteps.

Dr Magufuli called on the people to measure all candidates basing on their utterances and policies and evaluate who could really bring them positive changes and transform the country.

?Politicians have such sweet words that if you can?t make critical interpretation, it is obvious that you can make decisions which are regrettable? be wise and choose wisely,? Dr Magufuli told his audience.

He further pointed out that he was confident of winning the polls, saying that the reception he has been accorded in all 15 regions he has so far covered made him have so much hope.

Meanwhile, his running mate, Ms Samia Suluhu Hassan, sounded a strong warning to embezzlers of funds set aside by the government for economic empowerment to youth and women groups should they be given chance to take leadership in the next month general elections.

Speaking to the hundreds of people who turned up at the Chanika Grounds here, Ms Samia said they will not tolerate such people who further faced stiff penalties.

?We have pledged to give 50m/- to every village and 10bn/- to banks as guarantee to some banks; let me make it very clear that should anyone swap them for another mission, we will deal with them accordingly?, she warned.

She said there has been a tendency by some servants who have been mandated to oversee the projects by channelling the funds to different sources from the intended purpose, saying the fifth phase government will not entertain such acts. She also pledged construction of a grains reserve at Kilindi, further saying that no one will be left to die of hunger.



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