In Igbo land, the title of “Ohamadike” is bestowed on people with distinguishing traits, charismatic principles and simplistic profile. One cannot assume the position of Ohamadike in Igbo land when you are seen as a first timer, a wicked person or a selfish individual. This title is well respected and cherished due to its significance.

It is very glaring that no matter how wealthy or popular an individual appear in Igbo land, the title of Ohamadike will never be presented to him if he is not brave, committed, God fearing, consistent, passionate, courageous, sincere, a family man, creative, frontline leader, mentor, solution carrier, visionary, charismatic, trustworthy, bridge builder, charitable, eloquent, good memory and great negotiator etc.

Meanwhile, come to think of the characteristics to merit the Ohamadike title in Igbo land, it will appear that the title holder must be fearless, well equipped and fortified in the midst of evil. He always stand for the truth and follows the truth to the end damming the consequences. He would be seen as one who has previously appeared to have consistently spoken and acted against injustices meted out at groups or individuals in the society.

Even though people attach much mundane powers to the title per se, it is sure that anyone holding Ohamadike title is widely seen as great lover and believer in God. He is one who recognizes that all he has done and acquired are not by his might or power but by the special grace of the Almighty.

Obviously, the Deputy Governor of Imo State, Ezeakonobi Madumere, MFR is a notable PRINCE of inestimable values, very committed to the emancipation of the Igbo nation from the hands of visionless leadership is proven. He has consistently spoken for and defended the common interest of the people, in fact he was “jailed” before while canvassing for the freedom of the people who were hooked and trapped in the political and administrative quagmire. His drive and clear positions are only products of genuine commitment, passion and interest for us all to articulate better approach to leadership of values for our general interest.

Prince Madumere as Ohamadike, is predictable on issues of injustice, his position is naturally constant. He is an epitome of consistency in the defence of Igbo interest all over the nation and beyond. He has consistently spoken against the killing and maiming of Igbos in every part of the country. His passion are always visible when he is defending interests that he believes in. Because of his passion for Ndi Igbo, he wept at the demise of our Hero’s past. His passion for service remains his key reasons and catalyser that energises him never to give up.

Prince Madumere as Ohamadike is courageous and this I know cannot be quantified. It is his courage that made him stand up against injustices on so many times, defending positions that he believes in even when every other person had given up or saw no need to continue. The Ohamadike of Mbieri, Mbaise nation and Imo State recognizes that fear does not make a man, he takes advantage of being on the right to dare the system when and where necessary, most times he emerges victorious.

In all that Ohamadike is doing, what you see is what you get. He never has any hidden agenda rather than the known one. For every project he is involved in, Ohamadike is physically and spiritually convinced that it is the best position and carries out his duties with great vigour. His sincerity is visible all over him as he has no capacity to pretend when things are not right.

Ohamadike cherishes his home and adores his children. He recognises that the strength of a man is measured on the level of peace and stability he is able to achieve at home. He takes his wife too dearly and gives his children the best he can afford especially in the area of education. This is clear indication that his passion as an Igbo man did not start with his position as Deputy Governor. He inculcated in them the fear of God, respect and hard work.

Ohamadike, is a man of style. His approach to issues are always unique, which is the main reason he achieves success most times. He is a man that uses his mind adequately in working out novel and unique approach to issues. In his speech during the bestowment of the title, he revealed that his style does not allow lapse and as such, leads by example. He can never propose or support anything that he cannot do personally. He realises that his presence in any given political mission is a major boost to the followers. He has no history of abandoning his people.

As it stands today, too many young people are seeing Prince Madumere, Ohamadike of Mbieri, Mbaise and Imo state as their mentor, reasons being his style and approach to things and his successes. As it stands today, Prince Madumere is a typical example of someone that grew from nothing to something. In him, so many young persons and indeed adults see themselves and get motivated to do more and better. He has so much time to give to worthy courses especially projects that concern the youths even with his very tight schedule.

Ohamadike is a man built on the belief that every problem has a solution. His resilient spirit, typical of the Igbo man puts him in a position where he sees opportunities rather than problems in all circumstances. It is this spirit that has gotten him to the level where he is today.

With Ohamadike’s mind set, he is able to assess situations correctly and get the right conclusions. He is able at all times to anchor his actions on the future that is most times blinded to others. This is the reason he has consistently emerged better off in situations and circumstances that would have finished others. This is a gift from God.

Ohamadike is not a man known for betraying others. His consistency as a person is founded on his reliability which is equally anchored on his disposition to doing the things he believes in. He recognises that one’s character determines how one is perceived.

He has established very cordial relationships with every person from Orlu, Okigwe and Owerri zones especially, with Mbaise people as well as others that come from all parts of the nation. Because of his charm and peculiar approach to issues, so many that have reasons to deal with him remain his friends. He is recognised and welcomed warmly in every part of Imo State because of the image and name he has carved for himself.

Ohamadike, Prince Ezeakonobi Madumere has for the past decade been sponsoring students on scholarships, building houses for the less privileged, training others on skill acguisition, while equipping the younger ones through free holiday lesson.

Today, benefactors of his charity and magnanimity are graduates in all fields and in good positions even as key government functionaries. His contributions to the widows, churches, elderly, war veterans, disaster victims and even his friends can never be over emphasised.

His use of words and power of conviction is overwhelming. Ohamadike understands the power of spoken words and how effective such can be in given positions. He has the knack to make palatable presentations and he uses words to mean exactly what he intends to say. Being a brave and confident man, he is not scared of audience but rather thrive on them especially an audience of value and content. Ohamadike will speak boldly, courageously and fearlessly for the Igbo nation and the oppressed.

Prince Madumere has another major attribute from God, he has the ability to remember all faces and names including titles and exact situations that bring you to his attention after a very long time. His ability to remember and mention dates, incidents and names can be like magic. Ohamadike is a life information compendium, he will never forget us and indeed, Ndi-Mbaise at large.

Ohamadike Prince Ezeakonobi Madumere has been involved in political negotiations and settlements on the highest levels as Deputy Governor. His accumulated experiences will be brought to bear in negotiating our new position in Imo state since he is very close to His Excellency, Owelle Dr. Rochas Anayo Okorocha, OON, the Commander of New Imo.

Combination of Ohamadike and Princehood as well as many more are the reason we are convinced that he remains the best for future tasks in Imo.

By Esogibe Ikenna
Esogibe Ikenna is an Opinion Moulder and Social Crusader


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