The incident occurred at 13:30 local time when a computer error while tests on the system were being carried out activated the emergency protocol forcing every station in the network to be evacuated.

metro-de-madridThe warning to evacuate the stations was given both over the megaphones situated in the stations and also on screens above the platforms.

Given that the error took place barely a week after the March 22 terrorist attack in Brussels, the warnings caused confusion and fear among passengers and the hashtag #MetrodeMadrid quickly became a trending topic in Spain as passengers gave vent to their feelings.

Metro de Madrid later published a communique explaining the warnings had been “due to an error in the tests that were being carried out to give travelers better information in case of an emergency.”

“At no time was the train service affected and the alarm was disconnected at 13:36,” added the message. Endit

Source: Xinhua


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