When it comes to marriage, some women turn to become very desperate especially when clocking age 30; the urge for patience becomes very difficult.

This week on ?what?s trending on social media?, a funny picture of an unusual wedding which happened somewhere in Nigeria, has been trending on Facebook.

The wedding had the bride with her maids present but the groom absent.

In his place was a nice frame of his portrait, which his bride appeared to be satisfied with judging by her smiles in the pictures.

The elated bride holds up the framed photo and poses at the camera with both her bridal team and the grooms? men.

The cutting of cake section was not left out as she happily cuts the cake with the picture of her husband.

A huge party was held after the pastor had joined the bride and ?frame? as man and wife.

The photos have got lots of tongues wagging at the fate of the bride and the whereabouts of the missing groom.

Would you do what this bride has done, let?s know in comments?

woman weds photo of husband

bride with photo husband and the page boys and girls

couple with bridal team and groom?s men

Bride and groom



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