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Akwasi Oppong-Fosu, Minister of Local Gov?t

The Founder and First Director of the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA), Nana Opoku-Ampomah, has asked President John Mahama to called the La Kwantanan-Madina Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Franklin Anku and his workers who are harassing innocent people, to order.

According to the former IPS proprietor, the behaviour of the workers of the assembly was a worrying trend that must be addressed to prevent more innocent Ghanaians from being harassed.

In a statement to the President, a copy of which is available to DAILY GUIDE, Nana Opoku-Ampomah recounted how workers of the assembly prevented him from fencing his undeveloped piece of land, which lies between the senior high vocational technical school and the new industrial university college.

He said on July 3, 2013, the Environmental Health and Management Department of the Assembly wrote to advise him to fence the land he acquired by customary grant from the late Nii Anyetei Kwakwaranya, La Mantse and registered with the Lands Commission.

He said an officer of the assembly was sent to inspect the land after he submitted a fenced wall building permit application with a copy of the letter he received from the assembly.

?It was approved by the Assembly on 20th December 2013. When I got the building permit, I informed the Assembly that I would start the building of the fenced wall on 26th February, 2014,? he said.

Nana Opoku-Ampomah noted that on the said date an officer from the assembly came to help his workers to mark where the foundation holes were to be dug. However, ?on 27th February when  my workers started work, some workers form of the assembly went to seize the pickaxes shovels and wheelbarrows from my workers and took them away in a vehicle.?

He said his daughter and some of the workers went to the assembly to ask for the seized items, which were given to them to go and continue with the work. However, when the workers went back to work, another group from the assembly again went to seize their implements.

The incident happened three times that day and his daughter, on all three occasions, had to go to the assembly to retrieve the seized equipment.

?The seizures of the pickaxes, shovels and wheelbarrows prevented my workers from completing the work they had to do that day but I had to pay them for the work they could not do because of the harassment from the Assembly workers.?

Nana Opoku-Ampomah said as a result of the harassment the approved fence wall has come to a standstill with the bags of cement purchased for the work caking.

He therefore appealed to President Mahama to call the MCE and his workers to order, as he believed it was a show of inefficient running of the assembly by Mr Anku.    

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri


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