Fifty percent of hotel booking in Sainte Marie resort island, eastern Madagascar were cancelled since the end of June for the strike of Air Madagascar employees, the executive Director of Tourism Office of Sainte-Marie (OTSM) Rindra Rakotoarisoa said on Monday.


The Whales Festival, a tourism international event has been held from July 5 to July 12, 2015 in Madagascar’s well-known tourist attraction Sainte Marie. The Malagasy government hopes the festival will promote the country’s tourism, as well as its depressed economy.

However, “amid the strike of the national airline, cancellation of hotel booking in Sainte- Marie continues, and is likely to spread until the peak tourist season in the country,” Rindra Rakotoarisoa told Xinhua by telephone.
“All the hotels in Sainte-Marie Resort Island were full before the strike but 50 percent of them are empty now, for lack of flights for overseas customers,” Rakotoarisoa said.

Moreover, Rakotoarisoa added that the festival during which the whales were honored was realized in its content despite the strike at Air Madagascar.

Many flights in Madagascar, domestics and international, have been cancelled since June 15 due to the strike by Air Madagascar employees against the company’s board chair.

With its 27,000 population, more than 80 hotels and a capacity of 1500 beds, Sainte-Marie island resort became the homeland of the Whales Festival and remained in the heart of an economic zone with strong potential composed by Vanilla Islands, including Madagascar, Comoros, Seychelles, Mauritius, and Reunion. Enditem


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