Peter Mac Manu

This follows the suspension of the 18-member Committee after protests from opposition groups against some of the members.

Peter Mac Manu
Peter Mac Manu
The Committee, which was inaugurated On February 8, was expected to coordinate activities of various stakeholders within the electoral process to ensure successful elections to be held later this year.

But the Committee was hit by allegations that it comprised of card-holding members of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), prompting the resignation of Dr Karl Mark Arhin, the Deputy Executive Secretary of the National Service Scheme.

The EC Friday announced that it had taken a decision to suspend the Committee following a meeting with the various political parties at the Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) meeting.

Speaking on News 360 hours after the meeting, Mr Mac Manu called on the various directors to take up full responsibility of their roles within the Commission.

“I have attended every IPAC and haven’t seen any agenda on Steering Committee. This is the Electoral Commission’s own timetable and events towards the 2016 elections.

“We have director of IT, elections, training, research and all kinds of directors whose professionalism must come to bear on the upcoming elections and not people from national service.”



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