Video director: JaaRyce for Ottoproduction. Coinciding with the growing popularity of the NFL in the UK, Hip Hop legends ?M1 dead prez & Bonnot? will be releasing ?Offense Defense? in March 2015, alongside an American Football themed music video. This follows ?M1 dead Prez & Bonnot? recent BBC One interview and ?Fire In The Booth Legends? with Charlie Sloth and a premiere by the world renowned tastemaking The Source Magazine which gained further international notoriety through a feud between Eminemand it?s former co?owner Benzino.
thyyOffense Defense? combines Bonnot?s heavy, aggressive beat withM1 dead prez?s trademark snarling tone and relentless vocal flow. The video which was filmed in Italy features ?M1 dead prez & Bonnot? dressed in Bergamo Lions (3 times European Champions and 12 times Italian champions) apparel.? This release happens to come at a time where American Football has become increasingly popular throughout the UK and becoming a regular topic in it?s media, with the last match selling out Wembley Stadium and The Telegraph describing it as ?one of the most engaging sports you?ll see?. The popularity of the sport has reached the point where London Mayor Boris Johnson is considering a London NFL franchise. ?We yearn for an NFL Franchise, we will roll out the red carpet, we will strew your way with petals?.
?M1 dead prez & Bonnot?are also due to be interviewed by DJ Semtex on BBC 1 Xtra and will be premiered by TBC. This announcement comes right at the of time of one of the most watched sporting event around the world, the combination of the NFL season and 2015 Super Bowl broadcasted on Channel 4 and Sky Sports with later games taking place at Wembley Stadium from 4th October for the next season.


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