Evidently, Lynx Ent. founder, Richie Mensah is looking to revamp his camp and make Lynx relevant again. His latest move has put truth to the adage that says; Join them if you can’t beat them. Lynx CEO has launched a sub-label called ‘Urban Records’ under Lynx Records.

Same way virtually the whole industry followed his “crunk” style he popularised. Now Richie the trendsetter has been forced to succumb to the ever growing GH Rap or GH Hiphop culture, if you like. Lynx Ent’s lost two of its forefront artistes last year.

Asem parted ways with Lynx amid his highly publicised rape allegation. The controversy forced Lynx to publicly sever ties with Asem that time, but trust OMGGhana to bring you the REAL reason why they parted ways in another story. Well Asem has released his Second album on his self-owned record label WBDN Records.  OJ Blaq, however, is on the low-low. He’s probably working on something epic.

So back to the story, the “Frema” man has poached three promising underground rappers unto Urban Records. Take it that, Urban Records is the hip-hop winglet of Lynx Ent. Drilickxs, Mushroom and Ayam Fresh [Hausa rapper] are those currently signed onto the sub-label. Info reaching OMGGhana indicates that Lynx are still out to sign more talents.  The 3 rappers wasted no time and already hit the ground running with a dope 10 track mixtape; “Urban Mixtape” is out for free downloading.

The uniqueness surrounding this label is that, unlike artists on the main label, Urban Records acts can work with other producers besides Richie. This is a laudable initiate if you ask me.  You agree that same beat from same producer all the time brews sever boredom. OMG! Ghana is however making efforts to reach the “UR” management and the acts. In the meantime, let’s see how they are going to impact and break into the industry. All the best!!!

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