” David Oscar See I came to your defense when people started throwing jabs at your career. And you read the comments I made to that effect. We need to learn to respect each other’s views regardless of how different they may me.
IMG-20150510-WA0000 However you just descended back into the gutter we are all trying to stay out of. Your subtle jab over Yvonne Nelson’s colour didn’t go unnoticed. Maybe others missed it but I didn’t. And that in my book completely discredits everything you were seeking to do with this video. You can’t call for tolerance and continue in the personality attacks? The only thing you’ve succeeded in doing is to start another smear campaign from others over this post, of which you may also reply and soon we will lose focus of the real issues. Let’s all agree to disagree without hitting below the belt. I am truly disappointed.”

Is Lydia Forson allowed to be disappointed in someone’s view? The same lady that called our president a dumb kid?


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