Lydia Forson
Lydia Forson


Ghallywood actress, Lydia Forson wouldn’t celebrate Vals day in a single mood.

In less than 24 hours to Valentine, the actress who has been able to hide her love life from the public couldnt keep the surprise any longer, and has finally confessed.

Lydia Forson took the hot seat on Personality Profile on Drive Time on Joy FM with Lexis Bill Thursday night, where she gave the name of the man warming her bed to be Reese.

According to Lydia, she sees the lucky man, Reese to be her ideal man, since he (Reese) has all the qualities she requires in a man.

One will ask what Lydia Forson wants in a man.

Her words below..

?I tend to fall for people?s personality before their looks. I want someone I can just be myself around. Someone who doesn?t take life too seriously, someone who is funny. I need to be able to laugh with someone, I get bored of people who are so serious,and Reese fits the bill.?

Reese is indeed a lucky guy that most guys will be jealous of. To have a curvy, beautiful and hardworking lady like Lydia Forson describe you with all these qualities, then dude has just won a jackpot in her heart.

Just in case you want to know how Lydia Forson defines love, she says, ?When you are really crazy about someone, you find yourself thinking about them more, you go the extra mile. It turns to be a little crazy sometimes. I love hard so maybe I?ve done some really crazy, stupid things,? for love.

?When you are with someone, it is not really a status thing. You are really into the person. When you are in love you can lose yourself.?

?Real love is when you put the person?s needs above yours. You are constantly thinking about the person. You want to make them happy. I think love is selfless, you get joy from their happiness,?

Isnt this so sweet, Lydia Forson is just a romantic and sweet lady. Aww,, where is my someone? LOL

Source – GhallyWoodStars.Com


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