Ghana’s Table Tennis Star Lynda Annor is making big waves and hitting the headlines in the United States of America after competing against men to win the Westchester Open.

She was voted Best Player at last month’s Westchester Open, and the award has inspired her to reach for greater heights.

Annor who was named Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG) Best Table Tennis Player in 2014 is in the USA for a training tour and has been performing marvelously to the admiration of ping pong fans.

She told yours Truly it had not been easy, but she has tried to work hard and it is by the Grace off God that she is hitting international headlines. The Ghana Immigration Service player expressed that lack of competition and equipment in Ghana is a challenge for local stars and prayed that philanthropists would support Table tennis in Ghana because the game is very exciting, interesting and can be an employment as clubs compete against each other for prizes and money.

She thanked the President of the Ghana Table Tennis Association, Mawuko Afadzinu, the Sports Director at Ghana Immigration Service, Mr. Sam Ayeh, Mr. and Mrs. Jason Onyame of Devine Travel and Tours for supporting her to travel.
She expressed her satisfaction with the trip and hope to undertake more international programmes to play in international competitions especially in the United Kingdom (UK) and Canada.

She advised sports organisers to organize more competition in the schools and colleges to sustain the interest of the sport and tap new talents.

She also urged young girls to do sporting activities because it can take them to places they never dream of.

By: Sammy Heywood Okine


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