Enchanting city of Luxor is among the most visited regions in Egypt. Besides Egyptian history, Luxor holidays also allow you to be a part of intriguing culture and traditions. Festivals are the best way to experience the rich culture of the city. Most important cultural festival in the city is Phraonic Wedding Festival. During this festival, large number of couples exchange their vows at the Temple of Karnak. The festival is full of rituals and traditional practices.

If you want to satiate your hunger for adventure, you can indulge in variety of activities while enjoying cheap Luxor holidays. Camel riding is the most popular activity in the city. Camel riding is suitable for everyone. No matter whether you are a kid or an adult, camel riding is completely safe for you. While riding along the West bank, you would come across variety of sights.

You can opt for short camel rides that allow you to visit some of the most important sites in the city. If you want to explore the beauty and uniqueness of desert, longer camel riding trips need be to your choice.

Felucca Riding is another popular activity that can be added to the list of holidays to Luxor. Felucca is a traditional wooden boat. There are numerous companies that offer daytime Felucca trips. This is one of the most distinctive ways to explore the natural beauty of the city. If you are on your honeymoon, your preference should be sunset cruise. As the sun goes down, spectacular view adds new charm to your romantic holiday. There are lots of options in terms of shopping. That’s why, Luxor has emerged as one of the top rated shopping destinations in Egypt.

New Luxor Temple, you would find traditional bazaar which is one of the most popular shopping area in the city. Old and traditional bazaars have narrow lanes and you need to bargain a lot to get great stuff at good price. However, Luxor is not only about traditional bazaars, you can enjoy shopping in modern air-conditioned shopping malls. Apart from these shopping malls, you can also find branded stuff from the shops that are located in top rated hotels.

Cheap holidays to Luxor are incomplete without tasting traditional food in sophisticated restaurants. There is wide range of quality restaurants in and around the city where you can taste traditional Egyptian and world renowned food items. Most popular traditional dish in the city is Kurshari prepared from macaroni and lentil.

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