Lupe Fiasco Names Upcoming Albums

Lupe Fiasco talks about the inspiration for ?Food & Liquor 2?, and reveals title of album after ?Food & Liquor 2: Pt II? will be ?Skulls?.

Lupe Fiasco?s upcoming album Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1, might be a mouthful, but the emcee seems to have an exact vision of what he wants to say with his next work, and how it relates to his upcoming projects.

In a recent interview by Village Voice, Lupe said his upcoming album is about ?figuring out America? and that much of the subject matter is derived from two books ? Howard Zinn?s ?Speeches? and Chris Hedge?s ?Days of Destruction, Days Of Revolt?.

The Chicago rapper had previously revealed that his next album will be titled Food & Liquor: The Great American Rap Album Pt II, as a follow up to his upcoming album ? which was originally intended to be a two-disc LP.  Now, he says the album following Food & Liquor 2: Pt II will be called Skulls.  This will be his last release under contract with Atlantic, and Lupe has said that he does not plan to sign with a major label again.

Recently, Lupe showed fans his cover art for Food & Liquor 2: Pt 1, which is set for a September 25 release.



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