Ismail-Olumide (Lumeenous) song writer and singer whose songs cuts across pure RnB, Hip-Hop,? Reggae, contemporary African? in order to achieve what one critic describes as a ?dizzying oral artistry. Lumeenous makes music that is accessibly sophisticated, unsentimentally emotional, and seriously playful. His work provokes the mind to wonder, but connects immediately with the heart. Lumeenous journey has been one of the most remarkable in the music industry as his experience spans over a decade where he side-kicked for Jazzman Olofin and Dr SID. Building on a wealth of experience in RnB and Hip-Hop as well as a deep interest in contemporary composition, Lumeenous has released a series of gorgeous and mind blowing singles like Na u, Jostified ft Lil Nel, Superfly ft Ice prince and Wuko ft LKT and Love u more; He?s recordings are most definitely touched by the best hands in the Entertainment industry.

Lumeenous?s joyous, playful sensibility is also manifest in his compositional work, as well as building ineffable soundscapes with just his voice. Lumeenous?s approach to music and performance has led to recognition in unusual quarters thereby carved a niche for him in the music industry today.

Lumeenous is presently being managed by Click Entertainment.


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