Erias Lukwago

Erias Lukwago

Lukwago in a press conference told reporters that Mao has failed to put up party offices in his home village and continues to fuel divisions in the party diverting it from getting to power. According to Lukwago, Mao?s vision stops at being a DP president general.

?He operates from an FDC office. We don?t have a DP office where Norbert Mao hails from,? Lukwago fumed.

?Bwana Ssenkagale President General Norbert Mao if that can satisfy your ego. All that Mao wants to hear is this team calling him President General.?

He said the young people in the party want to lead the country not the party and they are launching a campaign that shall see the party into power come 2016.

?We are not going to be deterred by that retrogressive talk, that cheap talk. It is a generational cause and we have to take the bull by the horns? he added.

By Scovia Babirye, The New Vision


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