Sean Sharif Crudup

United Airlines employee Sean Sharif Crudup and his wife Raychas Elizabeth Thomas have been charged with burglary and grand theft after they reportedly stole the suitcases of two people that died in an Asiana plane crash two days before.


Rachyas Elizabeth Thomas

The two victims were set to fly into San Francisco International Airport after a trip to Asia, but never made it past the runway. The plane hit a rocky seawall just short of the airport?s runway.

Asiana 777 was reportedly going at too slow and dangerous of a speed during landing, and the plane went up in smoke.

Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed and three school girls Liu Yipeng, Ye Mingyuan and Yuan Linjia were killed in the crash.

Even though the victim?s never returned to San Francisco, their luggage was still taken to the baggage claim. When airport officials went to pick up the luggage, they then noticed the bags were missing.

Surveillance footage in the airport caught Sean, a United customer representative, stealing the bags and handing them over to his wife and another woman accompanying them.

San Mateo County?s chief deputy district attorney Karen Guidotti told the San Francisco Chronicle that Sean?s wife Raychas took valuable clothing out of the bags and posed as the person who bought the items at a Nordstrom store. The valuables rounded out to about $5,000.

San Francisco police arrested Thomas after she attempted to flea on a plane to Hawaii.

Police conducted a search of Sean and Raychas? home to find more of the items stolen from the luggage hidden at their residence.

Sean pleaded not guilty in arraignment on Friday to the charges, but is still held at San Mateo county jail with $75,000 bail.

Raychas Thomas posted $50,000 bail.


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