In a competitive civil aviation market, all the airlines and travel companies strive to attain and retain maximum number of customers. For this purpose, these companies market their products and services based on their competencies and USPs. In order to attract the customers, these companies regularly come up with special offers and incentives. The attractive offers are designed to make the customers get a feel of their distinctive services and products.  Further, in order to retain the customers already using their services, the airlines and travel companies provide special incentives as rewards for their loyalty. For people looking for the cheap international flights, these rewards are one of the means of travelling at discounted prices.

The airlines generally have memberships and special programs called the Reward Programs or the Frequent Flyer or Flying Miles programmes aimed at customers who use their services quite frequently or prefer to travel with it.

These memberships or special programs do have some eligibility criteria which vary from one airline to the other. The airlines generally offer some mileage points on every flight booking with them and this keeps on adding with every such booking till it reaches the point where these can be redeemed. The redemption could be in many ways such as at the shopping stores or eating outlets, but most commonly these accumulated points are converted into reduced price or free miles of air travel. So, the customers get to travel free for those many miles. Going a step further, the airlines also seek to reward those customers who travel frequently with it. These rewards also have some criteria such as the stipulated number of sectors or miles to be flown on a yearly basis from which the frequency of the flights flown can be judged.

These programs are designed to give the customers the benefit of travelling on cheap international flights.

However, there could be passengers who would not like to commit themselves to any specific airline and would like to take the best prices from the service providers every time there is a need to fly. For some other customers, who love to travel on a specific airline, these programs could just be the add-ons since the best deals for every flight can still be taken from the various service providers.

The customers, who do not fly very frequently and neither have any special liking for any particular airline, the cheap international flights can be booked after comparing the fares from various providers such as airlines as well as the travel agencies. Doing early bookings or negotiating the best deals till the last minute, travelling in the lean season and other strategies are some of the most commonly prescribed ways of getting the low-priced tickets. Customers also consider savings on total costs for their travel, not just the flight tickets. So, the total travel solution providers offering multiple services of flights, hotels and vacations hold greater leverage on discounting the overall prices. 

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