Voter exhibition
Voter exhibition

Some polling station officials at voter exhibition centres in the Tema Metropolis have expressed worry about the low turnout of electorates.

The exercise, which commenced on September 10 and was expected to end on September 17, was extended by the Electoral Commission of Ghana to September 20, to enable more eligible voters to check and have their details properly captured in the voters’ register ahead of the district assembly and unit committee elections as well as the 2020 general elections.


A visit by the Ghana News Agency (GNA) to some of the centres on the last day of the exhibition revealed that there was a lot of apathy as there was low turnout.

The GNA observed that the exercise, even though poorly patronized, was moving smoothly and steadily without any visible hitches.

Mr Stephen Quansah, Exhibition Officer for polling station ‘A’ at the Akodzo Junior High centre, said the low turnout could be attributed to poor publicity before and during the exercise.

He said as at the start of the exercise, only 70 eligible voters out of 466 names on the register had visited the centre to check their particulars.

At Oninku Drive One Primary, polling officials said turnout was low at the beginning of the exercise but improved a little during the extended peroid.

“I had my highest number of people checking yesterday and it was because they thought the exercise would have ended yesterday, ” a polling official at the exhibition centre said.

At Twedaase Primary, polling officials said turnout was high at the beginning but it suddenly dropped.

Meanwhile, some residents in Tema Community one in an interview with the GNA on whether they had participated in the exercise, revealed that they were yet to do so as according to them they had no plans to vote in the 2020 elections.

They said, the had voted for several years but gained nothing from elections and leading to their decision not to check as they would only use the voters’ identification cards for other things they deemed necessary.

“I won’t go, after all I don’t gain anything from it. I have been voting since 1992 but there’s been no improvement in my life, ” Abdul Salam said.

Others however said they were not aware the exercise was ongoing. “I did not know, you are now informing me, right after selling I go, prepare for the following day and check, ”a tomato seller indicated.


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