The Super Six tournament got underway on Saturday with less than one thousand spectators at the 60000-seater Abuja National Stadium.


Kano Pillars, Dolphins, Enyimba International, Warri Wolves, Dream Team VI and the Flying Eagles were all in action in the match day one of the competition.

The poor patronage of the tournament is not the influx of the major European leagues, but lack of adequate planning by the organizers of the event.

The domestic game in Nigeria is exciting and the reason why some centres don’t record huge spectators amazes me at times.

I don?t think the increased interest in the English Premier League is the cause of the low patronage of our league, rather some measures need to be put in place by the League Management Company.

For every problem there are solutions and antidotes.

You will agree with me that hashtag in the modern world is an acceptable means of sending messages.

Creation of hashtag for a big tournament like the Super Six should have made fans well informed and aware of the competition.

The awareness and advertisements has always made people talk about the English Premier League and South African League.

What measures was taken by the LMC to embark on quality advertisement for the Super Six?

The world have accepted the social media with people sharing ideas on the facebook, twitter, Instagram, BB amongst others.

As the saying goes a tree can’t make a forest. The LMC on their own are making good use of the social media to project the activities of the League but then they can’t do it effectively without the help of League writers and other sports journalists who are active on the social media.

Primarily, the success of every football event is not the organisation. It’s not how entertaining the event will be but how appreciable it is with the fans.

Nigerians love to see good football and I believe the Super six is one of the best football tournament in Nigeria in terms of entertainment, good officiating and soccer artistry.

While attendance has suffered, TV ratings remain strong. Not a single game was below standard on Saturday.

For a league with talents, the key now is adding more innovations and swagger to the in-stadium experience, beyond just the opportunity to see a game in person.

LMC should be wise to improve the in-stadium experience while attendance is strong; as opposed to waiting for fans to stop coming to the stadium and having to spend more money to win them back.

They should try to partner with media houses and the true reporters of domestic football in order to improve the publicity.

Mobilization is also a key component of luring fans to the Arena.

The LMC should give fans enough value to incentivize them to attend games.

Don’t expect this problem to go away in the foreseeable future if measures are not put in place.

Alonge Akinlolu


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