I’m In Love With Bomaye

I’m In Love With Bomaye

Multi-TV, Multimedia Group’s premium digital television platform, promised Ghanaians a mixed bag of unadulterated entertainment when it launched its groundbreaker and history making reality show I’m in love with Bomaye.

12 carefully selected, well groomed women, with their unique appeals are eager to woo and win the heart of Alex Biney, Big Brother Africa star over a period of 13 weeks under a 24-hour camera surveillance in the Royal Reality House.

Matters of the heart and love always come with a lot of drama, especially when you, the woman, know who your competitors are. 12 girls, Gifty, Jay, Lovely, Miss G, Princy, Favour, Promzy, Harriet, Becky, Sylvia, Chichi and Blay, one guy!

The show hit the airwaves Sunday May 20 on Multi-TV channel Xtra and already the week’s drama will clearly stand for an Oscar winning movie.

The first week in the house saw the maidens face off in a traditional dance competition (Task) for Bomaye.

After a keenly contested battle where the girls exhibited uniquely crafted dances such as Adowa, Kundum, Kolomashie, Agbadza. Jay emerged winner.

For winning, Jay was awarded with a “Date night with the KING” on Friday.

After that blissful date, Jay was expectant, hoping to spend the rest of the night with the KING, Bomaye, in his room, a request he turned down.

Apparently, the KING had some mischief up his sleeves; he had plans of spending the night with Princy, who was voted the Queen of the Week by the maidens.

Saturday evening brought fierce rivalry between Jay and Princy with a battle line drawn.

Jay asked Princy to check out of the queen’s room – a room for the Queen of the Week. In the midst of such a confrontation, the KING had to step in to plead with the maidens to give Princy one hour to check out.

Cunning as Jay was, she refused to accept the KING’S plea and gets the support of Promzy to throw out Princy and her belongings.

With Princy making her way back to the maidens room, she insisted that she is given back her bed which is now being used by Gifty. Princy forcibly attempted to to ‘eject’ Gifty by throwing her away but that did not go down well with the other maidens who vehemently protested her quest.

Tension is at a fever pitch. The KING after all their quarrels and grumblings steps in and instructs Princy to put Gifty’s bag back and find a new place for her stuff in the dressing room.

I’m in love with Bomaye is a real life epic drama unfolding by the second. It is live and it is rated 18 due to its contents.

Apart from the shower hour which is unedited there are other steaming hot scenes for your viewing pleasure. This is the time to grab a digi box if you haven’t and be a part of Ghana’s first 24-hour live reality show.

By the way the show holds a lot of education too. Sunday, a pastor will take the maidens and their KING through a counseling session.

I’m in love with Bomaye is a collaboration between Access Media Productions and Cine Afrik Channel on Multi-TV.


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