Nicholas Ameyaw-Akumfi
Nicholas Ameyaw-Akumfi

God has created human beings to love. When we hate we violate the very principle of our existence and demolish the purpose of our creator. How can creation live in conflict with the create? Have we ever thought about it? Do it now and share your thoughts with others.

Bring love back in our lives


In previous years we have seen love loosing to hate, peace loosing to violence. We should stop and ponder. Are we going to allow this to continue or we should do something to reverse the trend?

If we want that in the new year, love should emerge victorious over hate and peace over violence then we need to bring love back in to our lives. My friends wonder where the love has gone. I wonder too. Has love really gone out of our lives or it is still there within our hearts but has been covered by greed which brought hate and violence to the front? Whatever is the situaion we should re-discover love. Without love we cease to be human beings.

Every year people make new resolutions. I also do. Last year I made a resolution to?develop positive attitude towards life and people. I succeeded to some extent. I continue with this resolution for this year also.

This year I make a new resolution to?bring love back in our lives. Let love be victorious on hate. Let peace be victorious on violence.

I have many?wishes?too (list is very long. Here are some):

No killings of senior citizens.
No child abuse.
No violence against women.
No road rage.
No police brutality on innocent citizens.
No expolitation of and discrimination against any citizen.
No terror killings.
No photos of ministers on public ads.
No corruption.
Love all, hate none.


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