IBM Domino Server is a proviso for multiplatform foundation apt for e-business and collaboration for web based transactions and corporate messaging. The availability of Domino server with Lotus Notes increases the availability of transaction logging, clustering, automatic diagnostic tools, and server fault recovery. At times, organizations are not happy with Domino server because of multiple complications associated with it. Also, it is not possible to work with server thus as an alternative solution, Exchange server gets replaced with Domino server. For immediate IBM Domino Server to Exchange, use extensively used professional tool.

Why convert IBM Notes to Outlook? The vast variety of features presented in Exchange server increased the preference for Exchange in large business environments and decreased the demand for Domino server. The variety of given below advantages in Exchange server shows how important Exchange server is for organizations which leads to increase NSF to Outlook Exchange conversion:

1. Exchange server is known for delivering enterprise level reliability and security for large businesses. Through Exchange, you can avail mails, appointments, and addresses on your respective web browser, computer and mobile device too

2. The high usage of Exchange in many platforms because of support to Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc that helps you to work flexibly without least concern where you are

3. Exchange offers multiple layered anti-spam filters which provides important updates assist against outside threats like malwares and virus


Exchange also provides disaster recovery which is surely important for large businesses in availing data reliability and delivering best possible business continuity

5. Exchange do assist providing hardware options such as Storage Area Networks, Direct Attached Storage, less expensive disks etc which eventually decreases storage cost

6. Via Exchange, there are many other advantages processed such as role based access control, various self-service abilities, many web-based administration, etc. Provision of such things means lower pressure on company?s IT desk

7. Exchange allows easy access to mailboxes at any place along with support to Outlook. Also, help in experiencing web browser and easy access from wide range of mobile devices

8. Exchange facilitates large amount of space for storing data at very nominal cost. This directly helps in accessing important info at one particular place.

9.Through security policy, you can create mobile device list, can enforce PIN lock, and let you erase data from phone which have been lost

IBM Domino Server to Exchange Migration: For Lotus Notes to Exchange migration, you need to focus on getting reliable professional software. You can utilize Mail Migration Wizard software which allows you converting complete data from IBM Domino server to Exchange server in very little time.

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