In 1973, the then Nigerian Military head of state, General Yakubu Gowon went to Canada on state visit. On that visit, something significant to both countries happened that is worth taken into cognizance in our political decisions today. The then Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau who had become one of their best Prime Ministersof all times had a little toddler son named Justin Trudeau. General Gowon who was on visit methim with his?Prime Minister Dad and shook the toddler?s hand and in turn, the toddler shook the hand of his father?s contemporary.General Muhammadu Buhari, a contemporary of General Gowon in age and military wise could have been the oneon that visit as well as shaking that toddler 42 years ago.? Gowon 2That toddler Justin, is now the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and most likely on his way to number 24 Sussex Drive. Most of his mates in Nigeria are still inauspiciously battling primary needs of life brought about by long terrific dictatorial military rule. There is a generational shift amongst Canadian political actors, injecting new life, new ideas and novel way of running the government.
Nigeria appears to be on a backward pedalwhere older generation would live out their dreams, live their children?s dreams and still want to live that of their grandchildren.The People?s Democratic Party (PDP) hasn?t ruled Nigeria in the best interest of the masses since 1999. Having established the truth that PDP have not done marvelously well in the last decade and half, we now have a formidable opposition. Even though Nigeria has opposition mainly made up of disgruntled members of the same PDP who majorly partook in the plundering of our resources, their destination picture still has a blurred road network. All Progressives Congress (APC) was a product of fanfare and media glitz that assembled men and women who fell out of favour in PDP and a few fledgling parties. Apart from political slogans of transformation and change, there is no known difference between the two parties. The simple truth is that most politicians in both parties do not know what manifesto is neither do they have interest in knowing or have ever read one.
APC?s primary election was keenly contested by few individuals most of whom were familiar faces in PDP in the last decade. When the chicken came home to roost, Buhari was chosen and other losers congratulated him while their body language was protesting. Opposition members welcomed it and campaign started with shouts of having borrowed money to purchase form. The fund solicitation from the poor masses by APC tried to brand them party for the masses but it wasn?t long, the sleazy billionaires among them could not hold back the splendor of throwing their easy riches around. Their campaign actually started well until the issue of certificate of their candidate came up and it has since become one sordid detail after another. Before then, many people outside APC never knew the party was sitting on internal implosion caused by disaffected losers of the primary who have no other alternative than to look on. From their campaign trail through out Nigeria, one can obviously observe that Atiku and Kwankwaso are not willingly and fully part of the campaign activities.
President Goodluck Jonathan has been labelled all sort of names among them is ?clueless President? but in the last two years, this particular reference to the President by the opposition seems to have taken back seat as it appears after all, he is not. The issue of pledging to serve one term by the president came up which he actually promised in faraway Ethiopia. But again the campaign with that promise could not hold as many politicians made and violated same promise. Governors Tanko Al-makura of Nassarawa, Fashola of Lagos, Rochas Okorocha of Imo and so many others made the same promise one time or the other but did not keep to their promise. Even former President Olusegun Obasanjo made the same promise of one term which he never kept. On Post Express of March 2, 1999, Senator-elect, Alhaji Ibrahim Kura Mohammed of Kano State confirmed that Obasanjo had promised to serve only one term and that he promised to honor his pledge as he did in 1979. He never honored it and the issue nearly scuttled his second term election similar to what President Goodluck Jonathan is going through presently in Nigeria.
News which APC has denied made its way to news stand that General Buhari has promised to do only one term should he win 28 March presidential poll. With the benefit of hindsight to similar promises in Nigeria, it would be foolish for APC not to deny the existence of such agreement and more foolish if they ever go into such agreement. The forth coming presidential poll will surely develop into one of these possibilities. If President Goodluck wins and finish in 2019, power goes back to the north, if he wins and dies in office, power goes back to the north. If Buhari wins power goes back to the north, if he wins and dies in office, power comes back to the south, if he wins and serve out eight years, the north will rejoice. Each of these possibilities has attendant consequences both intended and unintended and its left to voters to choose their leader based on personal convictions and the future they foreseefeasible. Whatever region of Nigeria in control of power does not translate to miracle of development to that region that is the reality fact in the history of politics in Nigeria. Nigeria remains class society where religion and ethnicity is used by upper class to perpetuate themselves in power and wriggle themselves out of difficult situations.

Source: ?Obi Ebuka Onochie

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