?Look left, look right, look up?,? prescribes one of my chiefdom?s CHPS Compound staff for adults crossing the road these days. It is also her guide for training children about how to cross the road, especially if it is around El-Wak stadium.

There is no passable road anywhere in the motherland, my compatriots. Look everywhere, no road to drive on: with your car, on a trotro, to transport provide goods and services, to cart cargo. Look for a road to transport foodstuffs or cocoa or any farm produce and the motherland has no passable road anywhere.

See the horror of an Adenta road. The talkative honourable could do some checking on the shoddiest of shoddy jobs on the Ntreh Street Lotto Kiosk-Catholic Church stretch. The bitumen is peeling off the stretch surfaced on April 5, 2012 for presidential Good Friday ICGC church service.

Two months twenty-nine days old, the bitumen surface is peeling off. Mr MP, the honourable one, the surface of the road is peeling off less than three months after it has been laid!

Try the aviation detour linking Ashaley Botwe third gate to Ntreh Street and you will experience gullies of potholes. That is if you want to avoid travelling to Adenta Housing Down by the Kufuor-initiated and Mills-stalling construction of the Madina-Pantang road.

The detour is probably your best bet; because five hundred metres to the barrier on the main road, you will be stuck in traffic. You will be stuck, because turning right to Housing Down from the Mills-slow road construction works demands wading through pools and poodles of water-logged massive potholes.

Moving north to south or south to north of the motherland; or from her eastern end to her western end or from the western end to the eastern end is pain and stress. These days, when medical bills for treating common cold can cost more than GH?100, my compatriots must be going through hell travelling. Any relief from the NHIS has been dashed with the scheme realistically on its death bed.

Commuting between home and work, conducting any type of business which requires moving from one location to another, or even just to shop for supplies, involves risky and rugged travel. Even the most comfortable of vehicles have become bone shakers, shaking the bones of the young, the old and the infirm.

Imagine if someone hadn?t gone paying GH?51.2 million to Woyome; and if some GH?9 million hadn?t gone missing from the Asamoah Gyan over the bar penalty kick football world cup, and if judgment debts totaling some virtual GH?700 million hadn?t been paid out just like that, many of the impassable roads could have been made passable by using all that money to pay for their construction or repairs.

It doesn?t actually bother any government member, from head to toe, that my compatriots are not being told about the disbursement of money that has accrued into the road fund account.

With all the promises to construct and maintain roads using hiked toll rates and stolen petroleum taxes, roads are in their worst conditions ever. Nothing is being said by government because there is nothing to say. They would have lied and lied. But now, they have lied so much that their lies to cover up lies seem to have run out.

The motherland is half split the way Agona Swedru was on Sunday, June 20, 2010. No south-north road neither north-south road. So now, in addition to its many actions of dividing the motherland, congress has sat down for the motherland to be split into two by poor road conditions.

Job recruitment, scholarship selection, every activity which involves congress overseeing fair opportunity for all the children of the motherland, has been twisted to favour congress elements.

Economies depend on roads for the movement of people, goods and services. When these move, the economy is fired up. Without roads, the economy stalls. The propagandist ecominists must be taught that. It is because they don?t know the importance of a good road network to the workings of an efficient economy that they are at a loss as to why an economy which should be booming is rather moribund.

Some of the Woyome and other judgment money may have gone into congress private pockets to enable them to ride in vehicles that are less challenged by the intolerable road conditions. Some may have gone into buying planes or purchasing air tickets to fly over the bad roads. One day, there will be accountability time.

Look left, right and up to halt congress election cheating. Halt their corruption aircraft from rummaging through the December 7 election, to rig and continue stealing the motherland?s wealth. 

*By the way, the name is Kwadwo Okyere (not Opuni) Mpiani in the 2/7/2012 write-up.

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

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