Pink And Green1 (492x800)

Sometimes, fashion and style is not about money. It is not the most high-priced items that would make you look expensive and beautiful, it is about knowing what to put together and where to find the best bargains?

In an attempt to help GhanaCelebrities.Com readers make the best out of the fashion world with little spending, we?ve launched a new column-My Style, where we will regularly feature great appearances achieved with minimum budget from our readers, professional stylists,  fashionistas and bloggers .

Below is how ?Naa, an avid GC reader? gets it right whiles pulling pockets at some of the less expensive shops in the United Kingdom.

Raining Or Not

Raining Or Not3 (426x800)

Raining Or Not2 (480x800)

Raining Or Not1 (504x800)

Raining Or Not4 (800x600)

West coast dress ?15 & Matalan shoes ?18

Pink And Green

Pink And Green1 (492x800)

Pink And Green2 (479x800)

Pink And Green3 (443x800)

Pink And Green4 (653x800)

Pink And Green5 (669x800)

Topshop dress ?28
Primark oversize purse ?8
Aldo shoes ?30
Primark earrings ?2

Out And About

Out And About1 (591x800)

Out And About2 (600x800)

Out And About3 (800x630)

Out And About4 (800x540)

Topshop jacket ?55
New Look shoes ?25
New Look purse ?12

Boyfriend Jeans and Blazer

Boyfreiend Jeans And Blazer3 (507x800)

Boyfreiend Jeans And Blazer2 (487x800)

Boyfreiend Jeans And Blazer1 (521x800)

Boyfreiend Jeans And Blazer4 (800x770)

Topshop blazer ? ?35
River island jeans- ?45
River island top ? ?6
Select shoes ? ?12

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