NISports lecturer wants long-term planning in sports sector

Dr Francis Akinremi, a lecturer at the National Institute for Sports (NISports), on Monday warned that the absence of long term planning for sporting activities could negate the sector?s Transformation Agenda.
Akinremi said in Lagos that it was only through long term planning that the sector could record some meaningful progress.
“We must strive to imbibe long-term development plans for sports, rather than adopt the short-term approach that most administrators opt for.
“Although it takes a while before the impact from long term plans are felt, but the effort is worth the while,?? he said.
According to him, “we would create more advancement in sporting activities when sport managers tend to bring new ideas to the management and improvement of the vocations.
He regretted the toll some undue politics had exacted on sports development, which he said was capable of stunting its growth.
“The sector had witnessed a lot of politicking, making it possible for people who have no business in sports administration to dabble in it.
“We have to change the approach and emphasise on competence, and not by political affiliation, “ he said.


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