Toyota corolla

The Toyota Corolla driven by the man believed to be a security officer intercepting the taxi in the middle of the road

A stoutly built man believed to be a police officer, took the law into his own hands as he brutally slapped a taxi driver in the early hours of yesterday to the surprise of commuters on the La-Beach road in Accra.

The suspected security officer, who was driving a private Toyota Corolla with registration number GW 5503- 13, became offended when the taxi driver tooted his horn at him for careless driving and obstructing his taxi. He angrily signaled to the taxi driver to fly over him (policeman) whilst the three ladies with him (police officer) raised their middle fingers to give more impetus to the policeman to tease the cabbie.

Just as the taxi driver was trying to overtake him at the Kaajaano stretch of the double lane towards the La General Hospital, the security officer crossed the taxi in the middle of the road, stopped his vehicle, alighted and slapped the cabbie with the other ladies in his car cheering him up. The wanton ?road show? compelled other road users to stop due to the temporary blockage.

The taxi driver, who did not know who his attacker was, tried retaliating but was immediately cowed into submission when the security officer pulled out a handcuff and threatened to tie up his (driver?s) hands if he misbehaved. At this juncture, the taxi driver?s ordeal was increased as the police officer brutally slapped him in his face.

Other road users, who were moved to pity as a result of the jungle justice being meted out to the cabbie, remarked that   characters such as the one they were seeing were giving bad names to the security services with their brutish behaviours. They therefore called on the boss of the Motor Transport and Traffic Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service, ACP Angwubutoge Awuni, to get such miscreants off the road.

 By Christopher Kotei


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