? As They Lament Over Poor Patronage

from:  left, Prakash Bhatt, Dr George Dawson-Ahmoah, and N. Venkatesh
from: left, Prakash Bhatt, Dr George Dawson-Ahmoah, and N. Venkatesh

The Chairman of the Local Cement Manufacturers Association, Dr. George Dawson-Ahmoah has bemoaned the continuous influx of Chinese cement products into Ghana, a development he said, was affecting local manufacturers.
He revealed that in 2014, the Association noted with concern that the importation of cement from China was on the ascendency and had taken the necessary steps to alert CEPS, Ministry of Trade and Industry and other bodies relevant to trade and imports.
He averred that CEPS is however delaying in coming out with a benchmark by which cement products will be valued at the ports before entry.
Dr George Dawson-Ahmoah was speaking in an exclusive interview, together with N. Venkatesh Vice Chairman of the Association and Prakash Bhatt member of the Executive Committee, where he announced that even though there is trade liberalization, there must be a fair level of operations suitable for competition.
?But what we are experiencing now is unfair trade pricing practices,? he said.
Dr Dawson-Ahmoah also mentioned that they have over the period suspected acts of undercutting and undervaluing on the part of the Destination Inspection Companies (DICs) who are responsible for valuing imports, aiding importers of cement products to collapse the Ghanaian market.
He fingered Ghana Link Network Serves, a destination inspection company, which is overseeing the importation of cement products from countries including China for being the brain behind the problems local manufacturers are facing.
According to him, there have been instances of manipulation of Import Values leading to the undercutting in their FOB and FCVR values, which in real terms allow importers to sell their products cheaper in the market to the detriment of local manufacturers.
He said verification of values from same source do differ in Ghana Link Network Services? operations; this he said raised serious questions and suspicions.
?There has been dancing values given by Ghana Link for the same products coming from the same country or destination,? he said.
He alleged a grand plot for the Cost and Insurance Fee (CIF) to be pegged at $76 per ton as against the $85 that the Association proposed. He however demanded for a breakdown into the $76 CIF value.
Dr. Dawson said urgent measures must be adopted by CEPS, Ministry of Trade and Industry to look into the matter and ensure that local manufacturers of cement do not suffer the brunt of the trade irregularities in the industry.


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